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About RAB Management Consultants

RAB Management Consultants is solely owned and managed by Mr. Ram A. Bhatia.

RAB Management Consultants offer the following services to its clients:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Advisory Services to Corporates
  • Advisory for Trading in Commodities
  • Advisory Consultancy for Investments
  • Advisory Services for Sourcing transactions
  • Advisory Consultancy for Strategic Partnerships
  • Advisory & Consultancy for HR Sourcing & Services
  • Advisory & Management Consultancy for setting up Funds
  • Advisory & Consultancy in Global Logistics Movement & Solutions
  • Consultancy & Advisory for creating Wealth & Savings for a better Life

Over a period of time, RAB has created relationships globally with Professionals from various fields and sectors. To capitalize on these assets, RAB decided to “Connect Dots...” for everyone’s benefit. Professionals from any part of the world would like to grow their contact base across the globe to potentially open doors to new markets. RAB, based in strategically positioned Dubai, decided to take advantage of this by connecting an already existing network of professionals needing guidance and create business opportunities within and for the expanded network. RAB hopes to increase the talented network even further and make more meaningful connections in the process so that everyone can benefit with each other’s valuable experiences to achieve a common commercial goal.

To provide innovative solutions, be creative, meet the requirements of our clients and achieve our set goals.